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Barn-B-Q Trail Festival: Run, Hike, & Party!
Sunday July 21, 2019
10:00 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Watchung Reservation, Masker's Barn @ The Deserted Village of Feltville
Berkeley Heights, NJ
Please select from the following categories:
 Farmer Fee  BEER & BBQ INCLUDED! Rate open through August only! $40.00 
 Harvest Time  BEER & BBQ INCLUDED! Rate expires on 9/10. $45.00 
 Sleepy Heads  BEER & BBQ INCLUDED! Until we sell out - don't delay! $50.00 
 Brand your tee (name & #)  Your name, team name, nickname, on your Barn-B-Q tee PLUS your fave #. (15 letter max, all caps, 1 or 2 digit #) Available through Labor Day 9/4 only! $12.00 
 Lil' Farm Hands (12 & under)  Bringin' yer little ones along for the ride - save with the Lil' Farm Hands price (shirt and booze not included!; food, soft drinks, trails, games, music & fun included!) $15.00 
 Rent-a-Shack   Modern day folk call these tents. A 10' x 10' claim for you and your gang at the BBQ. (If your gang has 10+ farm hands, you just scored a shack for free! Call to arrange.) Includes table & 5 chairs. $100.00 
 Rooster Rate  BEER & BBQ INCLUDED! The early bird gets the cheap worms...rate available to first 50 only! $30.00 
 Pop-up Pair o' Tix Deal  This weekend only get 2 tickets at the August price! Add your 2nd person, by selecting "Add Another" at the end of your form and choosing the $0 category for their form. $80.00 
 Trio Treat Deal  This weekend only get 3 tickets at the August price! Add your 2nd and 3rd people by selecting "Add Another" at the end of your form and choosing the $0 category for their forms. $120.00 
 Add Included Package Member  Use this category once you've completed your Pair ($80) or Trio ($120) form for yourself and have selected "Add Another" to sign-up your 2nd or 2nd and 3rd person. Any sign-ups in this category not tied to a package will not be valid. $0.00 

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