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Barn-B-Q Trail Festival: Run, Hike, & BBQ
Saturday September 4, 2021
Likely 10 a.m. - stay tuned for detailed schedule
Watchung Reservation, Masker's Barn @ The Deserted Village of Feltville
Berkeley Heights, NJ
Please select from the following categories:
 Loyalty Special  Beer, Food, and souvenir shirt INCLUDED! Rate open through August 19! $40.00 
 Harvest Time  BEER & BBQ INCLUDED! Rate open through August 30! $45.00 
 Barn-B-Q All-Inclusive  Beer, Food, and souvenir shirt INCLUDED! Rate open through August 30 or once we reach capacity! $50.00 
 Lil' Farm Hands (12 & under)  Bringin' yer little ones along for the ride - save with the Lil' Farm Hands price (shirt and booze not included!; food, soft drinks, trails, games, music & fun included!) $15.00 
 Rent-a-(VIP)-Shack  Modern day folk call these tents. A 10' x 10' claim closest to the food and drinks for you and your gang. (If your gang has 10+ farm hands, you just scored a shack for free!) Includes table & up to 10 chairs. $100.00 
 Designated Dude(tte)  BBQ INCLUDED. Be the hero of your group and save a few buckaroos. $35.00 
 Nope   $40.00 
 Doubleback Run  All the same Barn-B-Q perks; competitive category for 12 total miles; if you don't know what this means please check all details first on or sign up for the good 'ol fun filled category above. $50.00 
 Designated Dude(tte)  BBQ INCLUDED. Be the hero of your group and save a few buckaroos. $30.00 
 Nope2   $35.00 
 Sprint & Split!  A brand new option for those of you with the competitive spirit and a busy day. This competitive heat will feature staggered starts for a timed 5k trail run. Expect energetic tunes during check-in and when you return, your souvenir tech tee, a celebratory beer/wine/seltzer, and light refreshments before departing the Barn. (Early check-in likely at 8am and we will kindly ask you to depart by 11am so we can sanitize for the next group.) See BarnBQTrailFestival for complete details. $30.00 

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HIKE 6M, 3M;
STYLE: on your own OR
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IF registering for Sprint & Split, please submit a recent 5K road time so we can properly arrange the staggered starts.
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