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Westfield Turkey Trot * 5 MILE * 5280 Run * PracticeHard Mile * 40th Annual!
Saturday November 25, 2023
See Schedule for each event start time
Tamaques Park (Lamberts Mill Road)
Westfield, NJ
Please select from the following categories:
 Volunteer  Visit to sign up as a volunteer please! $0.00 
 ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. SIGN UP ON SITE.  Join us Friday 2-5 p.m. at Out Run Your Fork OR on Saturday starting at 9 a.m. at Tamaques Park. Thank you! $36.18 

Please provide the following information on the participant. Required fields are denoted by an asterisk *.
*First Name *Last Name
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*City *State
*Zip  County
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Shirt Size: 5 Miler/5280 includes specialty tee available in ADULT SIZES only. If you are registering for the 5 Miler/5280 and select a Youth Size, please note you will receive a cotton tee (intended for the 1M). All sizes are available for the 1M.

Sizes can not be guaranteed after 11/16, and selections therafter will be considered a request. Thank you for your understanding!

In exciting news, we have partnered with TREES NOT TEES! You can now opt out of receiving your included souvenir tee and instead a tree will be planted and cared for on your behalf! Not only can you help reduce our collective event impact on the environment, but you'll receive a certificate post-event with a picture of a recently planted sapling and it's exact geo-location so you can digitally share your awesome choice! Simply do NOT select a size here and choose YES to Trees not Tees below!

NEW! Prefer a souvenir other than your included tee? Check out our Souvenir Store for all of the options. You can either add souvenirs or trade-in your tee and receive a discount on your selected merch!
   YS  YM  YL  XL  XXL 
If available, would you prefer a Ladies style shirt (5 Miler/5280 only)? Yes    No
If you'd like to participate in the TREES NOT TEES program, please select YES here. (You will not receive your souvenir shirt and instead a tree will be planted and cared for on your behalf, yay!) Yes    No
USATF-NJ current membership # if applicable
How did you hear about WTT?
Are you participating with a Team? Enter Team name here. (Group pick-up available for Teams of 8+ upon request. Team Tent available for Teams of 15+ upon request.)
Wheelchair and disabled athletes, please indicate if you would like to enter into our wheeled athlete scoring division, submit another division for consideration, or have another request to enhance your Trot experience.
TapInto is our official media partner and keeps us up to date on all things Westfield! You will receive their newsletter to your email, or if you prefer to opt out, please select "No" here. Yes    No
Become a Waste Warrior! Are you a Green-minded participant who's Sole shrieks when you see a half-eaten bagel mixed in with the recyclables? We are seeking your help to ensure all of our Waste goes in it's Place! Join our sustainability team before or after your run by helping to monitor the recycling and trash bins, doing walk-around collection, and educating other participants on our Environmental Strides. Select YES and then email with your interest! Yes    No
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